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1. What can we order from pasters.net?
Pasters is a brand of additives, motorcycles that offers personalized accessories, such as stickers on caps (individual and team), stickers on motorcycles etc. The set includes 12 elements: 8 large and 4 small stickers (package description) and application manual. We print in UV technology on the self-adhesive foils of brand manufacturers, we cut the stickers so that they are ready to be applied on the cleaned surface. If you have another idea for your sticker (format, shape, colors, type of foil) then write about it on info@pasters.net and we will try to implement it for you.
2. can I put my own graphics on a sticker?
Yes, of course. If you order package number 3 - Adventure and send us your file it will be placed in the place of your blood type. I want to choose an additional sticker with the symbol of my motorcycle model, is it possible for any modelmotorcycle? If a given model has an individual graphic sign then of course we will produce such sticker. If your motorcycle model does not have an individual graphic sign, we will prepare a sticker for you for a fan of a given motorcycle brand. This type of accessories will surely make you stand out among your friends motorcyclists.
3. what is the quality of the stickers?
Our stickers are printed in UV technology on colourless vinyl films of only branded manufacturers. Thanks to the applied technology, the labels are resistant to the influence of atmospheric factors. They are high quality, durable and perfectly suitable for application on flat, smooth, rigid and non-porous surfaces. Our accessories without stress can be used in all weather conditions.
4. How can I pay?
Our payments are processed by PayU S.A. and PayPal. In the case of payments made via the PayU S.A. service, the currency conversion is based on the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland. In the case of payments made via PayPal, the currency conversion is in accordance with the transaction policy of that service.
5. what is the order processing time?
Due to the fact that all our products are made to individual order (it is not a finished product sold from the warehouse), the standard production time is about 14 working days, the delivery time is dependent on the shipping company. We make every effort to shorten this time as much as possible.
6. I have a picture of Pasters.net stickers I would like to share with you. Where can I send it?
To share your photo, email us at info@pasters.net or post it on our Facebook profile or label it with the #pastersnet hashtag on Instagram.
7. Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order until it is printed. Write to us at info@pasters.net and we will immediately check the status of your order and notify you.
8. How can I get in touch with you?
To contact us, please write to info@pasters.net Our support team will contact you as soon as possible.
9) How to prepare graphics for printing?
Please send us your graphics in JPG, PNG, CMYK, minimum resolution 300 dpi.
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